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Founded in 1988, NASCAT consists of lawyers from the nation’s top law firms devoted to representing institutional and individual investors, as well as injured consumers, in securities fraud, shareholder derivative, and other types of civil actions throughout the United States. NASCAT members are committed to representing victims of fraud in cases with the potential to advance the state of the law, educate the public, and ensure corporate accountability.  NASCAT seeks, at all times, to improve and maintain access to justice and compensation for those who have been harmed by financial wrongdoing.

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NASCAT members are the lifeblood of our organization, and include the nation’s pre-eminent shareholder and consumer litigation firms. In carrying out our mission to educate and serve lawyers who advocate for justice and access to the courts, NASCAT provides professional development through networking and educational programs, as well as opportunities to interact with judges, scholars and elected officials on matters of importance to our clients and our bar. Join NASCAT and connect with other shareholder and consumer attorneys who are passionate about advocating for legal justice.

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Together we can ensure NASCAT has the support it needs to continue working towards preserving access to the courts for victims of corporate abuse, fraudulent schemes, and “white collar” criminal activity, as well as providing a support network for like-minded attorneys. Time, energy, creativity, and financial resources are all needed to ensure that our civil justice system remains strong now and for future generations.

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NASCAT networking and educational programs provide substantial opportunities to interact with judges, scholars, and elected officials on matters of importance to our clients and our bar.

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  • Class Actions on Trial

    On Oct. 14, Nov. 2, and Nov. 10, 2015, the Supreme Court heard argument on three cases with the potential to impact access to the courts by claimants seeking to bring class actions and/or enforce federal statutes in which Congress has conferred a private right of action.

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